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Our Services - Strategy Design

At Sigma Global we work with companies to analyse their business in the context of the fast-changing global environmental markets.

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We design strategies to:

  • Understand the global environmental markets and how they affect ongoing and future business.
  • Assess business or customer risk from exposure to compliance schemes such as the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, and emerging schemes such as the Australian Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and the cap-and-trade scheme in the United States.
  • Identify potential opportunities to generate environmental assets within existing and future business, as well as in partnership with customers or joint venture associates.
  • Identify potential deal structures for executing projects that generate environmental assets including insights into the most important legal considerations.
  • Manage an environmental asset portfolio including approaches to trading and the use of trading services.

Typical companies using these services include: Large industrial companies, energy companies, investment funds and banks.

Sigma Global track record example: Xstrata Technology