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Our Services - Project and Transaction Management

Sigma Global works with companies to implement projects, develop a high quality project pipeline and manage transactions involving environmental assets.

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Such services include:

  • Develop environmental projects, such as CDM projects, including facilitating the engineering component of projects.
  • Coordinate the writing of, application for and submission of all documents required for accreditation under environmental asset schemes.
  • Design legal structures and agreements including drafting, negotiation, analysis and management.
  • Identify environmental asset delivery risks and apply legal and structural tools to minimise them.
  • Design carbon trading strategies to manage compliance risk.
  • Process management and due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Set up and manage environmental asset funds.

Typical companies using these services include: Environmental asset purchasers, investment funds, technology owners developing projects, banks.

Sigma Global track record example: OneCarbon