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Our Services - Opportunity Development

Climate change legislation is often viewed as a threat to business. At Sigma Global we understand this risk, but we also seek out opportunities presented by new legislation. We help companies identify areas in their business that can generate income or reduce compliance costs by engaging in the global environmental markets.

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For example, we:

  • Identify emission reduction projects.
  • Identify renewable energy generation projects.
  • Identify the most suitable accreditation scheme for identified activities or projects.
  • Provide forecasts of environmental asset revenue streams for financial modelling.
  • Determine feasibility of projects identified.
  • Carry out due diligence including feasibility determination on projects already identified by companies.
  • Identify and help commercialise technologies that reduce emissions in comparison to business as usual.
  • Typical companies using these services include: Large industrial companies, energy companies, investment funds and banks.

    Sigma Global track record example: Petratherm