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Sigma Global, in collaboration with its partners, undertakes community development projects that contribute to sustainable development because they have social, economic, environmental and technological benefits.

We work to develop profitable and sustainable programmes that often include CDM projects.

These projects are structured to grow and prosper, providing opportunities over the long-term for the community we work with. We strive to:

  • Work for the interests of the community and pursue activities that are valued by the community.
  • Design a development model in which community members will be active participants in their own advancement.
  • Operate with respect for local customs and opinions.
  • Be transparent and accountable to relevant parties in regards to the programme’s management, strategy and allocation of finances.
  • Pursue sustainability.
  • Pursue profitability.

Typical companies using these services include: Funds, companies requiring high quality CDM credits.

Sigma Global track record example: Poverty reduction projects in Africa