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How We Work

Through our varied positions and activities, the staff at Sigma Global have developed a comprehensive skill set covering our service offering.

our skills

Applying policy. We understand the fast changing policies of the environmental markets. We translate this understanding into commercial outcomes for the companies we work with.

Market know-how. Amongst our employees we hold trading experience gained across a number of environmental asset markets as well as hands-on project development experience in the CDM and other accreditation schemes. We also have experience in mergers and acquisitions.

Networks. Sigma's network has been built up over a decade of involvement in the environmental markets and reaches around the globe. Our network includes financial institutions, carbon funds, governments, technology providers, retail offset providers, compliance buyers and private corporations.

Technology identification. Through our work with technology providers we are able to identify and assist with commercialising technologies that can be applied to create environmental assets.

Deal structuring. We assist in structuring deals to capture additional revenue streams and realise indirect value from the environmental benefits that stem from a project. Sigma and its employees have been instrumental in designing and establishing several innovative structures including environmental asset fund structures.

Portfolio management. Through our experience in designing and managing portfolios of environmental assets, we can advise the companies we work with on the best approach to maximise the value of their portfolio. This advice is tailored to reflect business objectives such as compliance requirements, voluntary offsetting targets and trading aspirations.

Legal overlay. We have extensive experience with the legal requirements of environmental asset projects and accreditation schemes, both on a local and international level. We will review existing agreements, draft and negotiate agreements and perform other general due diligence.

Project development. We have international hands-on experience with every aspect of the environmental asset project development cycle in various accreditation schemes.

Communications. Sigma Global and associates have a strong track record in planning and implementing strategic communications within organisations or to external audiences. We can prepare marketing materials to showcase how environmental asset portfolio management contributes to corporate responsibility and also how it generates shareholder and stakeholder value. We also offer a variety of face-to-face events which may include market introductions, brainstorming, internal marketing and presentations.

Policy development. Sigma Global has practical knowledge of the commercial application of several different emerging environmental policies and has used this experience to advise policy makers in the likely business consequences of their work.