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About Us

Sigma Global has more than a decade of experience in the fast-changing global environmental markets. We have been involved in these markets since the very early stages of policy development, trading and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project development. We have worked in and with industrial, financial, corporate and governmental organisations and we have a detailed knowledge of these growing markets.

Sigma Global partners with companies and organisations to get the most out of environmental markets from emission reductions and technology transfer through strategy design, opportunity development and project and transaction management. Sigma Global has helped a range of organisations create value from these markets, including energy companies, engineering firms, banks, investment funds, government agencies, consultancies and resource companies. Our experience also includes designing and implementing community development initiatives.

At Sigma Global, we partner with companies and organisations who are seeking to enter into and expand in the complex field of climate policy and environmental markets. We typically assist companies in finding answers to questions like:

  • How can I reduce my emissions while making my company increasingly competitive?
  • What are the latest global and local developments in climate change policy and how do they affect my company?
  • How can participation in environmental markets add value to my company’s activities?
  • How can environmental markets improve project investment returns?
  • How can my company best optimise its assets and activities and reduce risk in an increasingly carbon constrained environment?
  • What opportunities do the various environmental asset accreditation and trading schemes offer my company?